Top 10 Maritime Museums

As you cruise around America’s coastline, do you ever gaze at the night sky wondering what it was like to navigate a boat by the stars instead of a GPS? Do childhood fantasies of cavorting with pirates still stir in your heart and conjure up dreams of sailing with rum-guzzling scoundrels? And when veterans reminisce Read More

Cruising the Lake Erie Islands

ENDLESS ADVENTURES await the boaters who venture to the numerous islands located off the southern shores of Lake Erie in Ohio. This chain of islands has been a top cruising destination for boaters from all over the Great Lakes. The 20-plus islands are all in close proximity to each other which makes for great “day Read More

Land Between the Lakes – Green Turtle Bay Resort & Marina

Tucked away just south of the Cumberland River on Lake Barkley in Grand Rivers, Kentucky is Green Turtle Bay Resort & Marina. The marina is smack dab in the middle of both Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, which surrounds a 170,000-acre playground called “Land Between the Lakes.” This National Recreation area is a perfect escape Read More

Great Lakes’ Beaches Rival Florida and California

When thinking about loafing around on a beach, Florida, California and Hawaii immediately come to mind — the Great Lakes, not so much. But they should. The Great Lakes have almost 10,000 miles of shoreline, more than three times the combined coastlines of Hawaii, California and Florida. And while the Great Lakes may not be Read More

Cruising Beaver Island & Little Traverse Bay – The Great Lakes

Every summer, the Great Lakes offer some of the best cruising grounds in America. What could be better? There’s no salt spray to rinse off and no tides or tidal currents to account for. Add to that a fascinating historical mix of Native Americans, French explorers, religious groups, 19th-century settlers and a larger-than-life cast of Read More

Summer Camps on the Water – US and Canada

Imagine places where your children can …swim with dolphins in a tropical lagoon, paddle their kayaks by the light of the moon, build wooden sailboats that are sturdy and sleek, explore hidden shipwrecks that have sunken down deep. This might sound like fanciful dreams in Peter Pan’s Neverland, but it’s a taste of what’s happening Read More

Top Scuba Diving Spots in the US, Canada and the Bahamas

One of the most adventurous activities you can do from your boat is to explore the wonderful world right beneath you via scuba diving. If you are not already certified in scuba, it’s easy to learn, and even children as young as 10 can get a junior certification, so the whole family can enjoy diving Read More

7 Waterfront Towns to Visit for Their Microbreweries

With many pleasure boaters planning trips around interests like top-flight golf courses, gourmet restaurants and dazzling fall foliage, is it so far fetched that, for some, craft brews and breweries can be a destination unto themselves? Not in our book. Here are 11 sudstastic towns to add to your personal “booze cruise” itinerary. Just remember Read More

13 Top Summer Boating Destinations

Irvington, Va. Sited on the banks of Carter Creek where it flows into the Rappahannock River, Irvington boasts deep, protected waters and a quaint Colonial ambiance. The village once thrived as a stop for steamboats carrying goods and travelers across southern Chesapeake Bay, which is why The Steamboat Era Museum here is so popular today. For more history, head to Christ Church (finished in Read More