Texas, Clear Lake Bridge Construction

Written by Chuck Baier
July 31, 2019

Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) has commenced work on the Kemah-Seabrook Bridge, impacting vessel traffic on Clear Creek Channel. The construction project is anticipated to take five years, and the U.S. Coast Guard will work with TXDOT to approve channel closures.

The U.S. Coast Guard has approved partial closures through August 29, 2019. During the time, when any portion of the channel must be closed for bridge construction, vessel traffic will be directed by a green and red signal on each side of the channel, indicating allowed direction of travel in the channel based on time. Inbound traffic only to pass through the channel in the first half hour of each hour, and outbound traffic only to pass through in the second half hour of each hour. Electronic message boards will be mounted on either side of the channel. Mariners are advised to plan accordingly and use caution while transiting this area. Mariners should contact the U.S. Coast Guard with any concerns on VHF-FM Channel 16. Charts 11326 11327

View the bridge on our Chartviewer.

Chuck Baier

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