Written by Chuck Baier
December 17, 2020

Six months before a chart is canceled, NOAA will update the chart with a note in the lower left corner stating the chart’s status as a “last edition” and the date on which it will be cancelled.

NOAA will also update the Lists of Latest Chart Editions on to indicate that the last edition of the chart has been published. In the webpage version, “LAST EDITION” will be added before the chart title, and “(Chart will be canceled on MM/DD/YY)” will appear on the next line. When the chart is canceled six months later, the chart number will be removed from its position in the list of active charts and added to the cumulative list of all canceled charts (since 2018) that is appended to the end of the list of active charts. In addition to the paper Print on Demand version of the chart being canceled, all associated raster products will be removed from the NOAA website, including Raster Navigational Charts (NOAA RNC®), Full-size and Booklet Chart™ PDFs, and RNC Tile Service images. A full-size JPEG image of the canceled chart (suitable for framing, but not for navigation) will always be available to download from the NOAA Historical Maps & Charts website, as are most older chart editions.  For more information or questions, contact Ryan Wartick at [email protected]

Chuck Baier

[email protected]