Maryland, Annapolis Harbor, Air Show Restrictions

Written by Chuck Baier
April 30, 2019

In support of the annual U. S. Naval Academy Blue Angels Air Show practice and performance demonstrations over the Severn River at Annapolis, MD during May 21-22, 2019, a marked channel will be temporarily established in the Severn River near Horn Point. The floating markers will be set on or about 12 noon on Monday, May 20, 2019 and removed immediately after the event on Wednesday, May 22, 2019. Located between Spa Creek Entrance Buoy 1SC (LLNR 19905) and Annapolis Harbor Channel LB 5 (LLNR 19730), this channel is intended to allow vessels to transit into and out of Annapolis Harbor during the two-day air show event. Vessels operating in this area do so at their own discretion. The temporary access channel will include eight unlit red floating markers and seven unlit green floating markers, located in approximate positions:

Marker Latitude Longitude Marker Latitude Longitude
green 38°58’16.74″ N 076°7’46.32″ W red 38°58’19.92″ N 076°27’48.72″ W
green 38°58’18.48″ N 076°27’51.00″ W red 38°58’22.14″ N 076°27’53.64″ W
green 38°58’20.64″ N 076°27’57.06″ W red 38°58’24.12″ N 076°28’00.00″ W
Horn Point Light HP (LLNR 19745)
red 38°58’25.62″ N 076°28’04.98″ W green 38°58’25.44″ N 076°28’11.16″ W
red 38°58’29.70″ N 076°28’15.96″ W green 38°58’27.54″ N 076°28’17.28″ W
red 38°58’33.54″ N 076°28’25.68″ W green 38°58’29.16″ N 076°28’22.62″ W
red 38°58’31.86″ N 076°28’22.26″ W green 38°58’31.80″ N 076°28’31.32″ W
red 38°58’34.86″ N 076°28’30.30″ W

At no time while the regulated area is being enforced will event spectators be permitted to obstruct either the temporary access channel, or the federal navigation channel outside of the regulated area. For any comments or questions, contact Coast Guard Sector Maryland-National Capital Region at (410) 576-2674 or (410) 576-2693.

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Chuck Baier

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