Florida, Lake Okeechobee, Lake Levels Update

Written by Chuck Baier
September 29, 2021

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District

Data Ending  2400 hours 28 SEP 2021    

Today’s Lake Okeechobee Stage = 15.51 (Feet-NGVD29)

Today’s Route 1 Navigational Depth ≈ 9.45 Feet

Today’s Route 2 Navigational Depth ≈ 7.65 Feet

Bridge Clearance = 49.08 Feet Feet

Report Generated 29SEP2021 @ 09:30 ** Preliminary Data-Subject to Revision**

Due to the changing water levels of Lake Okeechobee, The Army Corps of Engineers often release water through the Okeechobee Waterway Lock and Dam system. The water released often creates high currents along the waterway. During this time, boaters can expect unfavorable conditions between Port Mayaca lock and St. Lucie lock. Such as, unexpected high current conditions east of the St. Lucie lock where the released water funnels thus creating unexpected hazardous conditions for mariners expecting slack tide where the bridges intercept the waterway. https://www.saj.usace.army. mil/Missions/Civil-Works/Navigation/Navigation-Locks/Bridges/+ 


Chuck Baier

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