New York, Seneca Lake Hazard To Navigayion

Notice to Mariners Cayuga Seneca Canal – Seneca Lake August 16, 2018 Mariners are advised that due to recent high flows into Seneca Lake, an inordinate amount of debris is expected to be encountered.  This can result in dangerous boating conditions.  Mariners still needing to transit this body of water are strongly encouraged to do Read More


United States Coast Guard Inspections and Compliance Directorate Washington, DC August 15, 2018 Safety Alert 13-18 Let us enlighten you about LED lighting! Potential interference of VHF-FM Radio and AIS Reception. The U.S. Coast Guard has received reports from crews, ship owners, inspectors and other mariners regarding poor reception on VHF frequencies used for radiotelephone, Read More


Continuing until further notice, the Columbia L/D in the vicinity of 117.0 is closed due to a sand bar running the length of the lock chamber. Mariners are requested to contact the L/D via VHF-FM Channel 12 or 16 or at (318) 649-2049, for additional information and updates. Chuck Baier [email protected]

Florida, Fernandina Beach, Emergency Operations

Commencing August 18 thru August 30, 2018 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Jacksonville District is planning core boring and emergency drag bar operations using the Corps Vessel SNELL to collect core borings in Cuts 1-6a and conduct drag bar operations to smooth shoaled materials likely in Cuts 5-6a. The emergency drag bar operation is Read More

Louisiana, Bayou Sorrel Lock Closure

Commencing August 22, 2018 and continuing until November 22, 2018, the Bayou Sorrel Lock will be closed to navigation 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, due to dewatering operations at the south end gates. For up-to-date information, mariners can contact the Lockmaster, Brad Blanchard at (225) 659-2581. The points of contact with the New Orleans Read More

Great Lakes Water Levels Updates

Expected water levels on the Great Lakes for AUG 10, 2018. Connecting Channels and the St. Lawrence River, given in inches above (+) or below (-) Low Water Datum (LWD). LWD is a plane of reference used on a navigation chart. It is also known as chart datum. Great Lakes: Lake Ontario +31, Lake Erie Read More