Cruising Club Membership Benefits

With great benefits comes easy, conv enient and affordable boating. Kick start your cruising experience with the Cruising Club membership, guaranteed to make boating easy for all types of boaters!

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cruising club    
Access to thousands of discounts and special offers
Online marina reservations and information
1-year free subscription to Marinalife magazine
One complimentary boat show ticket
1-year free subscription to a leading marine publication of your choice
Updated fuel locations and pricing
Boating profile personalized to your cruising needs
Trip planning and access to popular cruise itineraries
Navigation alerts
Customized weather forecast and weather routing
Access to featured harbor reports
Marinalife mobile App
Priceline Partner Network Advantages: Discounts of flights, car rentals and hotels.
One-Year Gold Card towing membership from Sea Tow®  
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