Eco-Friendly Boating – The Clean Scene

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, spring cleaning! Whether starting a boating season or enjoying the middle of year-round boating, the task of cleaning is inevitable. A clean boat is good, but a lot of products and processes can be environmentally harmful. Here are eco-friendly boating techniques to protect the environment and your Read More

Boat Fire Prevention and Detection

We shouldn’t need to hear tragic stories of boat fire to scare us into taking the possibility seriously, but often that’s the case. The horrific and sad story of the dive boat fire of the MV Conception that went up in smoke while anchored in the Santa Cruz Islands last September should be a wake-up Read More

Marine Innovations Over 20 Years

Cell phones, sat phones or sophisticated communications (and other marine innovations) did not exist back in the late 1960s when on a dark stormy night off the New Jersey coast, Ernie Bareuther and two buddies found themselves stuck on a sandbar during a sports fishing trip. The only way Bareuther could let his worried wife Read More

Wireless Docking Controllers – Captain’s Tips

MANY BOATERS are proud to master the skill of handling a vessel at sea. But nothing compares to the confidence boaters gain when they can steer a vessel in close quarters — or the fear felt when they cannot. Anxiety over docking or maneuvering a boat within the confines of a marina is quite common Read More