Oasis Marinas’ Leading Ladies of Baltimore

According to superstitions about bringing bad luck onboard, women on the water have been historically taboo among sailors and seamen. Thanks to the movers and shakers who bucked those ancient ideals, women’s strengths shine now more than ever. We’d like to pay homage to Baltimore’s leading ladies making waves in this historic seaport. Tonja Bristow Read More

Fernandina Harbor Marina – Taylor Fitzsimmons

Check in with Fernandina Harbor Marina General Manager Taylor Fitzsimmons in Fernandina, FL in this new edition of Port Personality. What brought you to this marina? I’ve been working in the marina business since I was 15, and I’ve been with Oasis since May of 2018. In that time, I have overseen operations of marinas Read More

Waterways Marina – Shane Strause

How did you get involved in the industry, and what brought you to this marina? Since the age of two, I’ve spent my summers at Two Rivers Yacht Basin on the Bohemia River in the Chesapeake Bay, until I joined the Navy in 1991. My first boating-related job in high school was at a local Read More

Kingman Yacht Center – Scott Zeien

Check in with Kingman Yacht Center Dockmaster Scott Zeien in Cataumet, MA in this new edition of Port Personality. What got you involved in the marine industry? After 20-some years in the broadcast industry, it was time to make a change. I wanted to get into the business of other people’s pleasure. It was either Read More

New England Seaport Sampler

When the Puritans set sail in 1620 to flee religious persecution in England, their long journey across the Atlantic was rewarded with a place more beautiful than they had imagined. As those travel-weary settlers exited the Mayflower, they were greeted by one of the most magnificent coastlines in North America. Timber-rich mountains reached down to Read More

Amanda St. Peter, Marina Manager, DiMillo’s Marina

Check in with marina manager Amanda St. Peter of DiMillo’s Marinas in Kennebunkport and Portland, ME in this new edition of Port Personality. What brought you to this marina? When I was 15, I began working for the DiMillo family’s restaurant, which floats in the center of DiMillo’s Marina. In 2011, when the former marina Read More

Port Personalities – Marinalife Veterans

In this special issue of Marinalife, we’d like to present three people who have played a key role in the growth and success of the magazine. Thank you to our Marinalife Veterans – here are their port personalities. BOB ARRINGTON Cruising the U.S.A. & Bahamas How has Marinalife made a difference in the boating world? Marinalife was an early Read More