Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

A PERFECT DAY AT THE BEACH includes a blanket, umbrella, picnic and a good book. Yet, seaside excursions are made even better by having the whole family there. That means bringing along our four legged, much loved and devoted dogs. And after being cooped up on a long passage, who doesn’t need to run, sniff Read More

Caribbean Calendar of Events

As U.S. temperatures drop and international travel restrictions do the same, it’s time to cruise through the Caribbean’s azure waters to get a culinary and cultural taste of the islands. Whether you’re a foodie, history buff or racing enthusiast, the islands have something for you. Read on to learn about all the cultural, historical, sports, Read More

Nautical Haunts of the Rich & Famous

Surely you have been guilty of it, too. You see a magnificent yacht arrive in a harbor and want to know who’s on board. Is it a celebrity… a pro athlete? Maybe it’s a tech billionaire? Our culture is fascinated with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, especially intrigued by their pricey toys and Read More

We Bought a Boat… Now What?

Trial by fire… that’s not exactly how I envisioned gaining my introductory seamanship skills. I enthusiastically signed on as an inexperienced crewmember aboard a tiny sailboat bound for Tahiti, even though I had never been on an overnight passage before. “In for a penny, in for a pound” came to mind during the 32-day nonstop Read More

Nauti Shopper Holiday Gift Guide

FUN FOR THE JUNIOR SAILOR CORAL REEF KIT Little Passports Your child’s eyes will light up while using this underwater ecosystem experiment that shows how crystals form. It’s as easy as setting up the coral trays, adding terraforming powder and watching the transformation. The Companion Guide features the Great Barrier Reef and other coral reef Read More

Amazing Locations for Special Celebrations

IF YOU’VE BEEN putting off celebrating that special occasion because favorite venues are closed or limited in capacity, plus you’d rather not have pictures for posterity showing signs of these challenging pandemic times, then consider heading to the great outdoors. Not just anywhere. Notch it up by choosing a wow venue near or on the Read More

Maritime Legends & Superstitions

SINCE THE EARLY DAYS OF PIRATES, FISHERMEN AND SAILORS, sea voyages required not only skill and bravery but also the ability to balance the fine line between faith and fate. Humans have often tried to make sense of the unknown for comfort, so it’s only natural that seafarers concocted rituals to channel good luck for Read More

Fascinating Shipwrecks to Explore along Florida’s Coastlines

Resting at the bottom of our enigmatic ocean floor, thousands of shipwrecks hold stories deep-rooted in the world’s maritime past. From bloody wars and voyages to conquer the New World, to treasure quests and foreign trade, these battered relics leave behind a history of colonial exploration, expansion and the birth of nations. Our oceans hold Read More

The Seafarers Yacht Club

JUST OVER SPA CREEK drawbridge, where the city of Annapolis connects to its Eastport neighborhood, resides one of the oldest African American yacht clubs on the East Coast. What was once a two- room schoolhouse for African American youth is now home to The Seafarers Yacht Club (SYC), a community-based organization promoting inclusivity through seamanship Read More

Calendar of Events in Florida and the Gulf States

As leaves and temperatures drop up north, cruise down to the Gulf of Mexico for fall festivities on the water. Coastal communities in Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama welcome boaters every year to celebrate the season without the chill. Here are events to get you started on your Gulf cruise, from boating exhibitions to food Read More