Mastering Paella on the Coast of Maine

Paella. We’ve all heard of it, and we’ve all probably eaten it, perhaps in a fancy Spanish restaurant where the dishes are passable if watered-down versions of their original incarnations, and the ricey paella concoction arrives at the table slightly gloppy yet decently yummy after an interminably long wait. A few summers ago, I stumbled Read More

Hunting for Mangoes in South Florida

Humidity and heat are all relative in South Florida. Compared to February, a night in June is hotter than a pot of simmering conch chowder, but as opposed to August, it is like swimming in a bowl of gazpacho. There is that magical time of day, right before dusk, when the sun has dropped just Read More

Enjoying New Orleans Cuisine

“Howdy, folks. Welcome to New Orleans.” The wrinkles on the back of the man’s neck told a story of how long he had been greeting people. “What brings you to town?” Patrick and I spoke simultaneously: “Jazz Fest.” “The food.” The man laughed and slapped his knee. “Well, you’re both in for a treat.” He Read More

Red Snapper and Killer Bee’s in Nevis, Leeward Islands, West Indies

“Sca-a-a!” Sunshine, the imposing Rasta owner of Sunshine’s Beach Bar on Nevis puffed his chest and lunged at the green vervet monkey who did not move. “Get outta here.” The monkey tilted his head to one side and stared quizzically at Sunshine with a look that said, “Mister, we’ve been through this before. Do you Read More

Top Tito’s Summer Cocktail Recipes

Are you looking for a great summer drink? Look no further! Our list of top Tito’s Summer Cocktail Recipes are below! In 1995, Tito Beveridge had the idea of building his own microdistillery incorporating the boutique winery concept into the spirits industry. He acquired the first legal permit to distill in Texas, and has since Read More

Top 11 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Eateries – Maryland vs Virginia

Chesapeake summers ease you into such a laid-back state of mind that your big decision of the day can be choosing cold beer or crisp wine to accompany a dozen fresh oysters. That cool combo of bivalves washed down with a favorite drink is a beloved Bay ritual. The options were once simple: Natty Boh Read More

Chesapeake Bay Seafood – You Can’t Beat It

It all begins with a nibble on your line. A few strong tugs and your heart beats a bit faster anticipating that something delicious beneath the waves has taken the bait. Who knows what could land on the hook when you drop a line into Chesapeake waters? The Bay shelters about 350 fish species, which Read More

Red Snapper Souscaille in St. Lucia

The nights plunge into darkness early in St. Lucia. Being only 14 degrees north of the equator means fierce tropical heat but not a huge axis tilt to produce longer days. But on this particular night, the sky was lit with stars and a crescent moon set the ocean ablaze, providing my husband, Patrick, with Read More

Georgia BBQ Sauce – What Makes it So Special?

July is peach season in Georgia, and I was on high alert, scanning the side of the road for wooden fruit stands. I saw the hand-painted yellow sign with ketchup-red colored RIBS scrawled across it, but I quickly dismissed it as not my target. My eyes darted the to other side of the road to Read More

7 Waterfront Towns to Visit for Their Microbreweries

With many pleasure boaters planning trips around interests like top-flight golf courses, gourmet restaurants and dazzling fall foliage, is it so far fetched that, for some, craft brews and breweries can be a destination unto themselves? Not in our book. Here are 11 sudstastic towns to add to your personal “booze cruise” itinerary. Just remember Read More