Mud-Buggin’ for a Crawfish Boil Done Right

The flat-bottomed aluminum boat glided through Bayou Savage, parting the sea of emerald green and leaving a trail of muddy brown behind us. Overhead, sprays of Spanish moss hung like tinsel from the Cyprus and tupelo trees of the bayou. The zit-zit-zit sound of thousands of dragonfly wings flittered through the thick, muggy air. We’d Read More

Anegada Lobster Tacos with Coleslaw and Mango Salsa

“It’s a unicorn.” Patrick shook his head. “Like Atlantis or El Dorado, it doesn’t exist.” My husband has a flare for the dramatic. I was pretty sure Anegada was a real place, we’d just never been there. It wasn’t like we hadn’t tried. For the past 17 years of bouncing around the Caribbean on boats, Read More

Island Cowboy

I’d never thought of islands as homes for cowboys but just off the coast of Georgia, twenty miles south of Savannah, I met the quintessential island cowboy. Ossabaw is Georgia’s second-largest barrier island. Twice the size of Bermuda, it has eleven-thousand acres of highland forests and fourteen-thousand acres of marshland, and is full of sturdy Read More

Focus On Florida: Florida Seafood

Florida Stone Crabs About: Unlike the blue crab, you only eat the claws of Florida stone crabs, which are considered a delicacy. Fishermen take only the claws and return the crab back to the water where their claws regenerate the next time they molt. Best Time to Get Them: Stone crabs are only legal for Read More

Liquid Gold Returns to the Chesapeake Bay

If you like sweet rum and cokes, crisp martinis, or smooth bourbon on the rocks, you’ll love sipping your way around the bay this season. The Chesapeake watershed is overflowing with new distilleries, and they’re popping up so fast that it’s hard to keep track. At the start of this summer, Virginia is home to Read More

Chesapeake Bay’s Best Crab Decks

Around the Bay, images of the iconic red crustacean appear everywhere— from flags, hats and T-shirts to bumper stickers, menus and refrigerator magnets. Outsiders might wonder about a regional mascot with spindly little legs and oversized claws, but locals see this beloved aquatic creature as a symbol of summertime and a tasty reason for gathering Read More

Mastering Paella on the Coast of Maine

Paella. We’ve all heard of it, and we’ve all probably eaten it, perhaps in a fancy Spanish restaurant where the dishes are passable if watered-down versions of their original incarnations, and the ricey paella concoction arrives at the table slightly gloppy yet decently yummy after an interminably long wait. A few summers ago, I stumbled Read More

Hunting for Mangoes in South Florida

Humidity and heat are all relative in South Florida. Compared to February, a night in June is hotter than a pot of simmering conch chowder, but as opposed to August, it is like swimming in a bowl of gazpacho. There is that magical time of day, right before dusk, when the sun has dropped just Read More

Enjoying New Orleans Cuisine

“Howdy, folks. Welcome to New Orleans.” The wrinkles on the back of the man’s neck told a story of how long he had been greeting people. “What brings you to town?” Patrick and I spoke simultaneously: “Jazz Fest.” “The food.” The man laughed and slapped his knee. “Well, you’re both in for a treat.” He Read More

Red Snapper and Killer Bee’s in Nevis, Leeward Islands, West Indies

“Sca-a-a!” Sunshine, the imposing Rasta owner of Sunshine’s Beach Bar on Nevis puffed his chest and lunged at the green vervet monkey who did not move. “Get outta here.” The monkey tilted his head to one side and stared quizzically at Sunshine with a look that said, “Mister, we’ve been through this before. Do you Read More