Environmental Twists and Turns

COVID-19 MAY HAVE put a new spin on how we boat, but it has not put a stop to the boating lifestyle — perhaps just the opposite. Many brokers are reporting a spike in boat sales as people look for new ways to enjoy the outdoors safely and maintain social distance. That is not saying Read More

Eco-Friendly Boating

Nobody likes to pull into a marina and see plastic beer carrier rings, straws, cups and other discarded items cluttering up the waterway. Even though we try to clean up after others and ourselves, debris continues to appear on the shoreline and water. Fortunately, many companies have come up with innovative solutions to help our Read More

Eco-Friendly Boating – The Clean Scene

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, spring cleaning! Whether starting a boating season or enjoying the middle of year-round boating, the task of cleaning is inevitable. A clean boat is good, but a lot of products and processes can be environmentally harmful. Here are eco-friendly boating techniques to protect the environment and your Read More

Eco Friendly Boating: Our Playground – Their Home

While fishing on a dock one day, I felt resistance on my line. I leapt into action and proceeded to reel in what I was certain was a whopper of a fish. Sadly, I only caught a whopper of a submerged piling. Here’s some eco friendly tips for your time on the water. Just another Read More

Eco-Friendly Boating Matters

Advocate for Eco-Friendly Boating! I’ve been straw shamed. The waitress simply asked if I’d like a straw. “Sure,” I replied without a second thought, until I heard my dinner companions politely decline the offer. No one actually commented on my less than eco-friendly choice, but afterward I did a little research about the dreaded plastic Read More