2015 Atlantic Tropical Outlook

What does this mean for hurricane season? Written by Captain Mike The first few months of 2015 have been marked by a rather active storm track across the Atlantic. Frequent wintertime storms have marched from offshore of the East Coast U.S. and Canadian Maritimes, while early spring cut-off gales have plagued waters from the Azores Read More

Extended Cruise Plans

Comfort Zone vs Extended Cruising There are a lot of differences between cruising around your comfort zone and going on an extended range cruise. Think about it this way. Near your home marina you know everybody and have local knowledge about a sandbar or weird tidal current. If you have any issues just pick up Read More

Tumultuous Winter Winds

Southern Mexico and Central America Written by Keith Jaszka – Weather Routing Inc. Each year, localized windstorms known as Tehuano winds blast the Gulf of Tehuantepec with dust and can wreak havoc on unprepared mariners. The topography of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the narrow strip of land separating the Gulf of Mexico from the Pacific, Read More

Thinking of Wet Storing Your Boat This Winter?

There can be some real advantages to wintering your boat at a marina that invites in-water winter storage. In-water storage may provide access to the boat for socializing or working below decks without climbing up and down precarious ladders, and in and out of storage buildings. Structurally, boats are designed to be in the water Read More

Neutral Safety Switch

Many boats have reductions gears (transmissions) equipped with a start-in-neutral safety switch. The advantage may be obvious but sometimes it can become a headache when the engine refuses to start, or actually, the starter refuses to engage or make any electrical noise at all. Now what do you do? Let’s start down in the engine Read More

Seeing Yellow Spots

Have you ever seen those yellow decals on the ATONs (Aids To Navigation)? If your answer starts with,”what’s an ATON?” then let’s get you to a basic boating course. But if you’re still with us then please read on…. When you cruise the ICW or Intracoastal Waterway, the ATONs or markers are denoted with yellow Read More

Bank Suction

While cruising along in a narrow channel if the boat leans or pulls toward the bank your boat is not possessed! You are experiencing “bank suction”. This occurs when the vessel’s propellers are too close the shallow shoreline. The propellers can actually start to pull the boat towards the shallow bank. This is common to all Read More


Every boater knows that the Captain is the master of the vessel, leading the crew which often consists of one more key position, that of the Navigator. While we are usually less formal with titles in the pleasure boat world, these two skilled positions are key to a successful cruise. Both Captain and Crew may Read More

Electronic Throttle and Gear Shifters

Welcome to the new world of electronics. While electronics themselves are far from a new concept, new features and designs of propulsion engines and reduction gears continue to be introduced to the pleasure boating market. Everyone can now enjoy easy to move electronic throttles and shifters, even if you own a vintage model boat! Those Read More

Hurricane Preparedness

Written by Captain Chris Caldwell To prepare your boat for safely riding out a storm in your marina here are a few tips. Be sure to minimize the vessel’s wind resistance by removing everything that can be detached from your vessel: the canvas, vinyl windows, sails, sail covers and don’t forget the dinghy. Next, think. Read More