Reliable Diesel Fuel Matters

Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of the main engines and generators aboard every yacht. If left unmanaged, diesel fuel quality can degrade rather quickly rendering it harmful rather than helpful to an engine. The first step in assuring reliable fuel is developing a three-part fuel preventive maintenance program: sampling, testing and polishing. As with all Read More

What’s Growing in my Fuel Tank

DEVELOPMENT OF MICROBIAL GROWTH IN FUELS Microbial contamination is not specific to any one fuel type – marine, aviation, automotive and home heating fuels are all susceptible. Similarly there is no single specific organism that can be identified as being responsible for degradation and spoilage. As a general rule, wherever fuel and water come into Read More

How does my engine negatively affect fuel quality?

A diesel engine uses only some of the fuel it pulls from the tank. All of that fuel goes to the high pressure fuel pump and to the injectors operating under enormous pressure and high temperatures. The surplus fuel the engine is not using goes back to the tank. The fuel is continuously re-circulated and Read More

What is “bad” fuel?

Fuel is made to certain ASTM specifications. When it does not meet these specs, we could refer to it as “bad fuel”. However, we tend to refer to fuel as “bad fuel” when we see symptoms such as: Dark, hazy fuel Filter clogging Sludge build up in tanks Poor engine performance Excessive smoke and emissions Read More

How does fuel stability affect me?

Fuel stability is a serious concern to the diesel fuel user. The chemistry of diesel fuel instability involves the chemical conversion of precursors to species of higher molecular weight with limited solubility. The conversion process often involves the oxidation of the precursors. We all realize that fuel is an unstable, organic liquid that goes “bad”. Read More

Can diesel fuel clog my filter?

Written by Captain Jeff Werner Yes, it can. The stuff that clogs your filter is actually fuel in some way, shape or form. In excess of 90% of this organic debris is fuel breakdown products. It is not sand, dust, stones, rust or inorganic matter that blocks your filter. The inorganic material like sand, dust Read More

Words of Wisdom from the Diesel Doctor

“It is therefore of vital importance to be absolutely fanatical about keeping the fuel clean. Yet so many boat owners treat their fuel system with indifference..The result is that 90% of diesel engine problems result from contaminated fuel.” That quote is by Nigel Calder, the dean of do-it-yourself boat maintenance, from his Boat owner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual. And Read More

What is the stuff that clogs my filter?

Written by Captain Jeff Werner Filter clogging can have several causes. For example, low temperatures can cause wax crystallization, which can lead to filter clogging. An example would be using summer diesel in cold weather. Wax or paraffin is part of the diesel fuel. Chemical incompatibility may cause dramatic filter clogging. This may happen when Read More

Cruise with Confidence with ValvTect Marine Fuels

Wherever you are cruising this summer, you’ll find Certified ValvTect Marinas along the way to help make your cruise free of fuel related problems. Even though your boat’s engines may be well maintained and in good shape, fuel related problems, such as plugged fuel filters, fuel pump or injector failure, can shut your engine(s) down Read More